Asquith Primary School

Growing to Succeed

Horsfall Street, Morley, Leeds
West Yorkshire, LS27 9QY

Headteacher: Gillian Austerfield


Welcome to Ash Class

We are super!

Key information


Your teacher is Mrs Holdsworth. Miss Burke also supports in both of the Year 2 classes.


PE days are Monday and Friday Children must wear a PE kit for both lessons which consists of royal blue shorts, white t-shirt, pumps or trainers. In the better weather we will be having PE lessons outside so children also need an outdoor kit.

Homework is sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned to class the following Wednesday. Every week they will have spellings and reading to complete. They will also have maths homework that will either be learning number facts, playing maths games, practical activities or worksheets.

Spellings are glued in your child's green spelling book and are sent home on a Friday. Spelling tests are held on Fridays. These do not have to be handed in with the homework on a Wednesday.

Guided reading  will take place every Monday. Please can you make sure that they have their books and reading records in their book bags for when they read. In the new homework policy it is recommended that your child reads daily for 10 minutes. Whenever someone listens to them read can we encourage you to write a comment in their reading records at least once during the week. As your child becomes a more confident reader and can read to themselves they can also write a comment in their records. This is also a good form of communication if you need to pass any message onto us.

Library Children visit the school KS1 library on a Friday where they can enjoy choosing a library book to take home.






Class Assembly

Thank you to everyone who came to watch the Year 2 assembly. The children had a fanstastic time and did very well with their singing and explaining the 'Growth Mindset' challenge.

Superheroes of Ash class

What a fantastic day we all had dressing up as our own superheroes to finish our topic. Well done to you all for the fantastic effort  with your costumes and to your parents for their support. Throughout our topic you made and created your own logos and mask. You came up with your superhero name and powers. Here were some of the names you came up with: Weather Boy, Flower Girl, Electro Girl, Bee Man and Lightening Boy to name a few. 

Both Year 2 classes learnt a dance linked to our superhero topic. It was to  the song 'Superman' by Black Lace. See the video below.

Firestation Visit

What a fantastic trip we had to Morley Fire Station. A big thank you to the staf that work there for giving up their time to show us around. We were very lucking to sit in the fire engine, take a look around the station and fire the water hose.

Ash blog

Author visit!

morleya on: Ash blog

Year 2 were extremely lucky today to have a workshop with the children’s author Phil Earle. He talked to us about how and why he became an author and where he gets his inspiration from for his ideas. He even read us some of his books he has had published called ‘Albert and the Garden of Doom’ and ‘Elsie and the Magic Biscuit Tin’. He has published other 13 children’s book. See if you can find some in the library to read!!


Super Gymnasts!

morleya on: Ash blog

During Autumn term we have been doing gymnastics in one of our PE lessons. We have learnt the different shapes: straight, tuck, straddle, pike, dish and arch. We then moved onto tuck to sit then tuck to stand rolls. Finally we got out the equipment and practised jumping and landing safely. 


All different, all equal!

morleya on: Ash blog

This week all across the country it had been ‘anti-bullying’ week. The focus has been ‘All Different, All Equall’. We discussed how we all look different, how we like different things, how people’s families are different, some children live with mum and dad, some just mum or dad other families have two mummies or two daddies.

We created a door display to show how we are all different in Ash class but we are all equal and are all an important piece of our class.


How to make....

morleya on: Ash blog

This week we have been learning about features of instructions. We read and follow instructions to make a poppy linked to Remembrance Day. We then had to write the instructions in our own words. 

In science we have been learning about materials around us. We used instructions to make bread and focus on how the ingredients change through mixing, kneading and cooking. 


Angry birds

morleya on: Ash blog

In computers this week we were focusing on writing simple algorithms. We used an online coding game linked to angry birds.

if you want to play this at home follow the website below:



morleya on: Ash blog

What a fantastic start to our Fire topic. We learnt about the Gunpowder Plot. We then created a wanted poster for Guy Fawkes using charcoal. We also used chalk to make a firework picture. In dance with moved like fireworks to instruments and the song ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry. To end the week we watched a firework display with the whole school.

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Mapping Our Journey

morleya on: Ash blog

We had an excellent class trip to Morley Fire Station. When we got back to class we mapped our route and discussed the landmarks that we saw on our journey  


Forget-Me-Not garden

morleya on: Ash blog

Today we went to look at the fantastic sundial in the memorial garden that was designed and made by children in our school with a local artist. 



morleya on: Ash blog

In computers we have been using a program called 'Purple mash'. We used tally charts to collect information about our favourite fruit and superheroes. We then used the data to make a pictogram and a block graph.


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morleya on: Ash blog

In class we have been focusing on the superhero story called 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey. In small groups we have acted out scenes from the story then used photos to create our own comic strips. Today the children have worked very hard to rewrite the story in their own words. We have been working on improving our stamina in writing to try and produce more within the given time.