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Year 2 Blog


After our half term holiday, the whole school will be trialling opening the cloakroom doors at 8.45AM. The children will be able to walk in as they arrive with no need to line up outside. Our aim as a school is that by increasing the window to arrive at school, we will reduce parking congestion and also cloakroom traffic, making mornings run more smoothly for children and parents. The class teachers will be inside the classroom waiting to greet the children. Please be aware that parents will be requested to remain outside as the children will need to remain independent. If any parent/carer should have a message to pass on to a teacher, this can be done via email. Class teachers will be outside as usual at the end of the school day.


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morleya on: YEAR 2 BLOG

HELP! Sunny the meerkat has been kidnapped by the jackal. We came into class on Friday and the classroom had been turned into a crime scene. A ransom note had been left by the jackal saying he had taken Sunny as he loves to eat meerkat. However, he said he would bring him back in exchange for haribo sweets. We made some missing posters to put up around school and at home. If you see Sunny please call school. Fingers crossed he is returned to us soon, as we left lots of haribo sweets in the classroom ( hidden in traps we had made to try and catch the jackal).

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morleya on: YEAR 2 BLOG

We were all so excited when we got a phone call from the office to say a parcel had arrived for us.   It was Sunny the Meerkat. He had come to visit our school as he knew we were learning about animals around the world. He has been on a holiday and visited different places. One place he hadn’t visited was England so he came to see how it is different from Africa, where he lives. 

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morleya on: YEAR 2 BLOG

In maths over the next few weeks we are learning about money. We have been adding coins to find different totals. We have also been adding both pounds and pence and learning how we write this using just £ sign along with a decimal point.

We are move onto making the same value using different coins. This is something you can do at home.

Challenge:  How many ways you can make 20p, 50p or even £1 using different coins?


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morleya on: YEAR 2 BLOG

What a brilliant first week back after Christmas. We have started our new topic on learning about the different continents. Can you tell your parents the name of all the 7 continents? We also learnt where and what the equator is.


In computing we were also using algorithms to make the angry bird move around the maze to find the pig. Use the link to use this program at home 

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morleya on: YEAR 2 BLOG

We all had a fantastic time this week learning some judo moves. We learnt how to manoeuvre a partner back and forth and sensibly to the ground. We also learnt new Japanese word too. Dylan enjoyed wearing a judogi and grappling with a giant teddy bear.


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