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Welcome to Beech class!

Throughout the year this page will be updated with class information and pictures of all the exciting activities that the children have been doing, so remember to check back here often.

Class trip to Dunstan's Hall, Temple Newsam

P.E. information

This half term our P.E. sessions will be on Tuesdays. Please ensure that your child has an indoor and an outdoor P.E. kit in school and suitable shoes to change into. It would also be useful for children to have a water bottle. The class will continue to swim on Wednesdays.


Beech class will continue to go swimming on Wednesdays at Morley Leisure Centre this term. The class will swim from Wednesday 26th April until Wednesday 12th July. Children will not swim the week before the summer holidays.


Spellings are written into planners on a Wednesday and the children will be tested on the spellings the following Wednesday. There is also space in the planners for daily practise!


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Beech class blog

Termly Newsletter - Year 4

Helena TROLLEY (helena) on: Beech class blog

A run down of the fun commencing this half term:

Literacy - we are beginning this half term with non fiction writing linking to animals and habitats. We will be consolidating our grammar learning from throughout the year.

Maths - our main focus will be statistics and geometry, focusing on coordinates and shapes as well as continuing to work on our timetables, 

Science - our focus is Habitats! The children have really been looking forward to this. We will look at food chains, key terminology as well as adaptions of animals. 

Other subjects; Art - sketching, painting, sculpting.        ICT - databases       P.E - athletics     

Important Dates

Concert - Tuesday 27th June 2.30pm      Wednesday 28th June 9.05

Homework Exhibition - Wednesday 28th June 2.45pm

Summer Fair - Saturday 1st July

Sports Day - Monday 10th July (pm)

Any questions please ask.

Miss Naylor and Mrs Trolley

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Class Trip to Dunstan's Hall

Helena TROLLEY (helena) on: Beech class blog

We had a fantastic class trip to Dunstan's Hall today. The children were very enthusiastic and threw themselves into all the activities, learning how to thresh the wheat and separate the grains of wheat from the chaff before grinding the grains to make flour and finally making some bread. After a busy morning we stopped for a well-earned break and the children had a look around the farm before heading back to the hall for some battle training and an Anglo-Saxon tale. Pictures to follow!


Roman Day!

Helena TROLLEY (helena) on: Beech class blog

Last Thursday, the children dressed up and took part in Roman Day. The children looked fantastic in their costumes and had lots of fun making shields and catapults and baking apple and cinnamon buns.

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters who joined us for Roman Day last week. It was lovely to see so many of you. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.


Happy New Year!

Helena TROLLEY (helena) on: Beech class blog

We've had a great start to the term. The children seem refreshed after their break and are very enthusiastic about our new topic, the Romans. They have lots of questions and are keen to find out more.

We are very much looking forward to our Roman Day on Thursday 2nd February. Children are allowed to dress up as Romans for the day and will spend the day completing different Roman activities, such as baking, and making Roman items, such as catapults and shields. Pictures to follow!


KS2 concert

Helena TROLLEY (helena) on: Beech class blog

Well done to Beech class and all the children in Key Stage 2 who put on a fantastic concert at the church this morning. You were fab!


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Beech class blog

Curriculum Evening

Helena TROLLEY (helena) on: Beech class blog

Thank you to all of you who came to the Curriculum Evening last Wednesday.

This week we will be continuing with our science topic work on sound with some fun and interesting experiments.