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Horsfall Street, Morley, Leeds
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Headteacher: Gillian Austerfield


Caterpillar Class Nursery

 In Nursery you will find a welcoming team of adults who are here to help your child thrive in the Early Years. We want children to feel safe and secure in Nursery as well as become confident and independent learners. In Nursery we like to have fun. We explore our classroom both inside and outside and learn through play and focus activities.


The Role of the Key Worker

Every child in Nursery has a key worker. The role of the key worker is to help your child settle into Nursery and to support your child's emotional well-being and learning whilst at school.  


The following members of staff are Key Workers in Caterpillar class:

Mrs Bowe (class teacher)

Mrs Nunns (class teacher)                              

Miss Dolby (key worker)

Miss Trindade (key worker)

Mrs Avila and Miss Crabbe (SEND support)


You will see Mrs Johnson in nursery too from time time. She is our Early Years Learning mentor and works with children who need to personal, social and emotional support to help them access their 

Any questions, please feel free to send us an email:


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Caterpillar Class

Signs of Winter

Heather HAWKINS (heather.hawkins) on: Caterpillar Class

We found some Ice sculptures this morning. Some of the children thought that Elsa had used her magical powers to make ice. She was holding a snowflake in her hand to make everywhere cold inside the room.

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Winter has arrived in Caterpillar Class

Heather HAWKINS (heather.hawkins) on: Caterpillar Class

Today we had a special package. It had some clues to tell us about what might be inside. We thought there might be a book or some toys inside at first. Then we thought maybe some penguins had sneaked inside. When we opened it, we found the characters from Frozen. There was a letter telling Nursery that Winter was coming to the classroom. We then looked for signs of Winter. I wonder what other signs of Winter we might see this term,

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A polite notice...can you please make sure your child does not bring their own toys into nursery. They are toys to stay at home. We have plenty of toys to play with here in Nursery. We cannot take any responsibility for lost or broken items.

Thank you