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Hawthorn CLASS



Hawthorn is a Year 3 class taught by Miss Bramley. Here you will find out about all the exciting things we have been learning in class, and any important information. 


Important Information


PE Days

PE days are a Monday and Wednesday.



Signed by parents over the weekend and by the class teacher on a Monday.


Reading Books

Reading books are changed weekly on the same day each week for your child's group. Library books are changed on a Friday.



Spellings will be given out on a Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday after your child has had chance to practise. Each week, spellings will be updated on the learning platform for you to access at home and practise online! You will also be able to find them on my blog at the bottom of the page.



Leeds Museum Trip- 30th June 2017

Hawthorn Class Blog

History hunters!

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

This was a very exciting week in Hawthorn class- our class trip! We were all really looking forward to hunting around Leeds Museum, and especially looking at a real Egyptian mummy! We found lots of interesting facts, not just about Egypt but about Leeds and animals from around the world. We had a brilliant time. Above this post are a few photographs from the trip... I decided not to include the one of a very sleepy Dylan.

The spellings this week are:











It was lovely to see some Hawthorn faces at the school fair today. Apologies for the failed tattoos!

Have a great rest of the weekend. See you all on Monday ready for another fun filled week, and transition days.

Miss B

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Egyptian travel agents

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

This week we have been working very hard to create Ancient Egyptian holiday brochures, including all the facts we have carefully researched. The brochures are looking fantastic and I will be sure to put some examples on the website when they are complete.

In maths, we have been measuring. Measuring everything! The children have been excellent at using measuring equipment and thought of lots of real life examples of why we measure.

The spellings this week are:











Enjoy your weekend! We are counting down the weeks now until the summer holidays... only 4 to go. Although, each week I am getting that little bit more sad that my lovely class will be moving on to the next year. It has been wonderful year so far! Lets have a fantastic few weeks.

Miss B

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Practise makes perfect!

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

This week we have been practising hard for our end of year concert. We think you will love it and we hope you appreciate the hard work we have put in! Thank you to those of you who have already learnt your song lyrics ready for the concert, this has been really helpful!

This week, we have been busy composing Ancient Egyptian holiday brochures. We have researched lots of interesting facts! In maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties.

The spellings this week are:











Have a lovely weekend! I hear the weather is meant to be lovely :)

Miss B

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Why Grandma, what great big ears you have!

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

This week the children have made a fantastic effort learning the Little Red Riding Hood poem for our performance poetry competition. They have worked so hard that I have given them ALL headteacher's award this week for their efforts.

In literacy we have enjoyed rewriting the story of Cinderella and adapting it with our own ideas. These include... a star wars theme and an a role reversal of the step sisters and Cinderella. The children have fantastic imaginations!

In maths, we have been looking at shape and angles. We are getting very good at spotting angles in shapes. Hopefully the children will impress you with their knowledge of right angles in this week's homework!

This week's spellings are:











Next week is our last week before the half term holiday. On Thursday there will be a bun sale after school in aid of the charity Candlelighters. The last day is also a non uniform day... don't forget Friday is a training day.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully we will get a little bit of sun :)

Miss B

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What a performance!

joanne on: Hawthorn Class Blog

This week we have retold the story of the Egyptian Cinderella. The children have worked very hard on their retells and have produced some fantastic work! They should be very proud of themselves. We have been learning about shape in our maths lessons and have met the angle family... ask your children about these characters! We practised recognising angles around our classroom and made our own angles and shapes in partners outside on the field. Have a look at this picture- how many different shapes can you see? Can you find the angle family?

We have begun learning our poem for a poetry competition. We have chosen a Roald Dahl poem called 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf'. I have sent home the poem in pieces to learn for homework this week... Take a look:

As soon as Wolf began to feel
That he would like a decent meal,
He went and knocked on Grandma's door.
When Grandma opened it, she saw
The sharp white teeth, the horrid grin,
And Wolfie said, 'May I come in?'
Poor Grandmamma was terrified,
'He's going to eat me up!' she cried.
And she was absolutely right.
He ate her up in one big bite.
But Grandmamma was small and tough,
And Wolfie wailed, 'That's not enough!
I haven't yet begun to feel
That I have had a decent meal!'
He ran around the kitchen yelping,
'I've got to have a second helping!'

Then added with a frightful leer,
'I'm therefore going to wait right here
Till Little Miss Red Riding Hood
Comes home from walking in the wood.'

He quickly put on Grandma's clothes,
(Of course he hadn't eaten those).
He dressed himself in coat and hat.
He put on shoes, and after that,
He even brushed and curled his hair,
Then sat himself in Grandma's chair.

In came the little girl in red.
She stopped. She stared. And then she said,
'What great big ears you have, Grandma.'
'All the better to hear you with,'
the Wolf replied.
'What great big eyes you have, Grandma.'
said Little Red Riding Hood.
'All the better to see you with,'
the Wolf replied.
He sat there watching her and smiled.
He thought, I'm going to eat this child.
Compared with her old Grandmamma,
She's going to taste like caviar.

Then Little Red Riding Hood said, '
But Grandma, what a lovely great big
furry coat you have on.'

'That's wrong!' cried Wolf.
'Have you forgot
To tell me what BIG TEETH I've got?
Ah well, no matter what you say,
I'm going to eat you anyway.'

The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers.
She whips a pistol from her knickers.
She aims it at the creature's frown,
And bang bang bang, she shoots him down.

A few weeks later, in the wood,
I came across Miss Riding Hood.
But what a change! No cloak of red,
No silly hood upon her head.
She said, 'Hello, and do please note
My lovely furry wolfskin coat.'

We found it rather amusing!

The spellings this week are:











Have a brilliant weekend!

Miss B

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Autumn Term

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely summer holiday and look forward to hearing all about it.


We begin the new term with an exciting topic- PIRATES!! Arrrr....