To contact us please email - year2teachers@asquithprimary.org

Mrs Holdsworth (2A)

Ash class

I have taught at Asquith Primary School for 16 years in Key Stage one. I am also PSHE lead for the whole school.

Miss Squires (2B)

Maple class

I have worked at Asquith Primary School for 4 years and have taken on a few different roles. I am currently the Phase Leader for KS1.

Trips and events in Year 2:


We have lots of fantastic experience in Year 2


In the Autumn term we go on a local walk around the area of school.  We also have a superhero dressing up day. We have a visit from the local fire brigade. Make models of fire engines and burn boxes model house to re-enact the scene from the Great Fire of London.


In the Spring term we have get to experience caring for chicks from the beginning part of their life. We watch them arrive in an incubator, then within a few days observing them hatch and growing into energetic fluffy chicks which we get to feed and handle.


In the Summer term we learn about Mexico and some of their traditions. We even get to make our own burritos and have a celebration Mexican day. As part of our history topic we will be looking at different decades and learning all about the local history of mining and the local mills.




Our topic is focusing on roles models and heroes. The main topic is thinking about being kind and caring to others.

     The main text we use is:

We also focus on our local area within Geography. We go on a local walk and map our journey.


Fire, Fire!

Our topic is ‘The Great Fire of London’. We focus on fire safety through talking to the local Fire Brigade. We make moving box model fire engines. We also make box model houses, which we then burn to react the burning the streets of London.

       The main text we use is:


Hot and cold

Our main focus is based on the world and being able to name and locate the continents and oceans. We focus on the hot climate of Arica and the cold climate of Antarctica.

The main text we use are:     


Animal Watch

Our topic focus is on living things, their basic needs and different life cycles. We get to experience looking after chicks from birth to two weeks old.

The main texts we use are:    


Traditional Tales

This half term we reading lots of different traditional tales. We use Jack and the Beanstalk for science when learning about growing plants. We also use Little Red Riding Hood linked to stranger danger

  The main texts we use are:


Through the Decades

In the last half term, we explore the different decades. We focus on local history and look at coal mining and the mills. Children will also complete the SATs assessments and during this week will complete a fun project on Mexico.

  The main texts we use are:

On PE days, you must send your child to school in their full PE kit.

                                                              Ash and Maple class PE is on Tuesday and Wednesday                               


Resources for Home

We will only be sending home spellings and one school reading book weekly.  Additional home learning can be found at;

Bug Club

Purple Mash

Education City

BBC Bitesize (which has a whole programme of catch up lessons which run alongside and complement our current teaching in class).