At Asquith we are committed to the development of the children's social, emotional skills, health and well-being. Our vision is to enable pupils to become well rounded individuals, who can make right choices to enable themselves to be healthy, independent and responsible young people. We want them to be resilient, confident, assertive members of the community who can take risks but also know how to stay safe within different environments. We want all children to have a high self-esteem and understand how to develop safe and healthy relationships with others.



Within our PSHE curriculum we follow the “You, Me and PSHE scheme’ across key stages 1 and 2. The learning objectives and outcomes in each of the lesson plans are clear and precise with many opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills.


As PSHE is at the heart of our school ethos, it is embedded throughout many areas of the curriculum. We further enhance the following scheme through a whole range of other vital life skills including: weekly circle times, half termly Mindmate lessons, promote growth mindset, British values, online safety, fire safety, anti-bullying week, road safety and cycling proficiency. We teach pupils how to regulate their emotions using the ‘Zones of Regulation’ approach. Each class from Years 1 to Year 6 participates in a range of Zones of Regulations lessons. Altogether we believe this will provide our children with the skills and understanding that they need to manage risks, make informed decisions and negotiate life successfully.