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Parent Voice

We want to know what you think and are always looking for ways in which we can improve our school.

Our Parent Voice group has been set up to provide a regular opportunity for you to talk to us about the things that you would like us to change - or to let us know the things you are really happy about at school!

It is an informal meeting over a cup of tea so please come along and join us!

The next meeting is on Friday 8th February at 9.00am.

Parent Voice 8th February 2019

Parent Voice Blog

Meeting notification

joanne on: Parent Voice Blog

There will be a parent voice meeting on Friday 12th July at 2:30. This will be the final meeting for the year. We hope to see you there!

Joanne and Gill

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Meeting- 26.4.19

joanne on: Parent Voice Blog

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the parent voice meeting is cancelled tomorrow. Our next meeting will be as normal on the 17th May.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support with these meetings. Your dedication to them has been brilliant! We hope to see you next time.

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Meeting 3- 15.3.19

joanne on: Parent Voice Blog

Thank you to those of you who attended this week, it has been lovely seeing familiar faces each week for consistency. If you are interested however, in attending future meetings, please do not hesitate to come along! Mrs Austerfield is changing the meeting times to the afternoon instead (time TBC).

This week, Mrs Holdsworth attended the meeting to discuss the proposed RSE curriculum, and ask for your feedback. This was met very positively, and a good discussion was had about the terminology used and the content of the lessons in each year group. Thank you for your positive input! The general consensus with the parents who attended was acceptance of the changes that have come into play and the lessons to be taught in each year group. The parents thought that it was a good idea to be informing children of changes in bodies, healthy relationships and the correct terminology to be using during RSE lessons to eliminate misconceptions and allow them to be armed with a good knowledge as early as was appropriate. The RSE framework was agreed by the parents and has also been involved in consultations with the governors. 

Thank you again to all who were able to attend. We hope to see you again next time. Please see this blog for any updates on timings for future meetings.

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Meeting 2- 8.2.19

joanne on: Parent Voice Blog

Our second meeting was attended by a number of parents who attended previously. Thank you to those who attended once again helping us keep some consistency.

This week, Gill fed back about her meeting with the school food team and confirmed an after school event is to be held in the coming term to showcase school dinners, where parents will be given an opportunity to sample the dinners the children are served. It was also suggested by an attendee that it would be useful for the school website to be shown at this event, and a walkthrough of the main aspects of the website to be given. It was also suggested that it would be useful to also show the school jotter app in the same way. Dates for this event will be confirmed and posted on this page. Feedback was also given on RSE, a question posted in our suggestion box. The main topic of discussion was how these lessons are delivered and the terminology used. Parents were assured by Gill and Joanne, that the lessons are similar to science lessons and only scientific names and vocabulary is used. This led to discussing the link between school and home learning, and how parents help their children at home with their work. Parents raised concerns that on occasion they are unsure how to explain homework to children as they don’t know how it has been taught at school. This is especially in maths. Joanne suggested that the materials teachers use to plan their lessons from could be put on the website. These hold examples of questions and methods the children will be taught at school. Joanne will be speaking to the school maths leader about this idea. Parents also requested teachers post on their blogs or put examples on homework of how questions are to be completed.

Communication with parents was the last topic of discussion. The school app is a vital form of communication, so presenting this on our next after school event will allow parents to use this more effectively. Parents suggested it would be useful having a board of upcoming events for parents to look at on the playground. Gill is going to look into having two boards in the playground to display events and important information. Gill raised an idea of having a newsletter on the same date every month so parents know when to expect this.

A positive meeting! Thank you again to our attendees, and for your contributions to the meeting. We hope to see you again on the 15th March. If you have not yet attended a meeting, you are most welcome to!



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Meeting 1- 11.1.19

joanne on: Parent Voice Blog

A successful first meeting with the parent voice group. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and speak so openly! It was agreed that our future meetings will be held once a month from 9:00 to 9:45 in the small hall.

Lunchtime was the main agenda raised by the parents present. We discussed portion sizes and how these are controlled depending on which key stage you are in. It was requested that parents are able to see the dinners at some point, so Mrs Austerfield has suggested she will speak to the catering team in a separate meeting. The idea of children having an afternoon snack was posed, which would be for both key stages, and the idea of having a tuck shop at break times. This idea will be discussed by Miss Bramley with the School Council on Monday. The issue of children rushing their dinner to be able to have extra playtime was discussed. It was discussed that children’s eating is monitored by the lunchtime staff, such as identifying when children are able to have their dessert after eating enough of their main meal. Future issues to discuss have been raised as RSE (Relationships and sex education) and methods of communication.

Mrs Austerfield is setting up a meeting with a nutritionist and the school food advisor to discuss school food and snacks. She will also be setting up a meeting with the school catering manager and organising an opportunity for parents to come in to school to sample the school dinners.


The next meeting dates are as follows:


Friday 8th February

Friday 15th March

Friday 26th April

Friday 17th May

We hope to see you next time!


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