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Scroll down to find challenges and activities as well as photos and videos from year 5!


The latest home learning plans for Summer 2  are being emailed out to parents weekly, and are also available to download here by clicking the links below:



Week 1 year 5 Home learning - Heroes

Week 2 year 5 Home learning - Who am I?

Weeks 3 and 4 Home learning - Out of this World

Weeks 5 and 6 Home learning - Transition


Word of the Day


Don't forget, as always we will be available via Mirodo messenger to answer any questions or further explain instructions etc. and are contactable via year5teachers@asquithprimary.org. Please get in touch with anything we can help with or to send us photos, videos or work that you want to share. We have loved hearing all about how the children are getting on with their home learning activities so far.


In these unprecidented times we are trying our best to provide appropriate, curriculum-based work that is fun and provides a challenge, however ultimately this is optional and we appreciate that what they are learning from just being at home with you or working on family projects etc. is just as beneficial and important in these times. 


These sites and the web site are all still being updated if your children prefer to use online platforms:


BUG CLUB https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login

EDUCATION CITYhttps://www.educationcity.com


PURPLE MASHhttps://www.purplemash.com/sch/asquith

TT ROCKSTARShttps://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student

Please also visit Top Markshttps://www.topmarks.co.uk/ (Hit the Button)


Below are electronic copies of the planning and slides that have been sent out in the packs so far.


We hope that you and all our children keep well and hope to see you soon,


Best wishes


Miss Wetherill and Mr Armstrong


Click on this link to see the School's Optional Challenges


 For more useful websites, click here

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 Lesson 1 Answers - Add and subtract fractions 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 Answers - Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Add fractions.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Answers - Add fractions 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Answers - Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019.pdfDownload
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 Year 4 Maths activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 Year 5 English Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 5 English Answers.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Maths Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
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 Year 5 English Week 1 slides.pptxDownload
 Year 5 home learning plan week 1.docxDownload
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 Year 5 Topic Week 1 Slides.pptxDownload
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Maths tutotial videos
Introducing the Bubble Method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drQIv2_Y3jI 
Column multiplication by 1 digit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ5qLWP3Fqo
Column multiplication by 2 digits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVYwunbpMHA
Long Division with 2-digit divisors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdU_rf7eMTI
Multiplication and division for 10, 100 and 1000:                     https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z36tyrd/articles/z2fkwxs
Column subtraction reminder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6M89-6106I


Basic division method with Mr Armstrong 

Long division with Mr Armstrong

We'd love to hear what you are all doing to keep yourselves busy at home. Whether it's completing homework, being creative with arts and crafts or working out with Joe Wicks please let us know so we can share it on our page. Send your photos to year5teachers@asquithprimary.org

Read Now Write Now

Here we have:

Asher's thank you letter to Captain Tom and planting write up

Daisy's Ancient Greek research poster

Florence has designed her mythical creature, a poster of what the Ancient Greeks wore and a poster about what she has found out so far about the Greek Gods

Harry's newspaper report on the death of the Minotaur

Jessica's write up of her potion, 'Demon Destruction', a research poster about the Greek Gods and her mythical creature

Natasha's write-up of her potion, 'The Night Drift'

Lucy's diary entry written from the viewpoint of St. George

Sarah's myth The Hungarian Horntail

Sarah's view on the best way to govern

Well done and thank you to Cooper who has taken the time and effort to create a wonderfully informative PowerPoint to help with your understanding of the lifecycles of plants. I have already saved it into the Science folder at school for year 5 teachers to use each year when teaching this in the future - great job Cooper!

Well done Harry for your wonderfully creative interpretation of the flanimal home learning; making your own lego bridge flanimal puppet invasion! Also, what an achievement to have grown your own strawberries!

Daniel has been working on this Harry Potter jigsaw with his mum and dad. I think we can all agree they've done a great job with what looks to be a very tricky jigsaw (lots of those pieces look very similar). Well done team!

Oscar S has chosen a great way to create his identity bag as part of his 'Who am I?' home learning. I especially love that he has included his puppy Broxi as part of this! Great work Oscar!

Oscar has been working hard on his DT homework as well as focusing on bin/refuse collectors as part of his 'Heroes' home learning! Keep up the good work Oscar, great to see you showing your appreciation for key workers! 

Another smiling face from our year 5 team! It sounds like Ross is keeping busy and is hard at work with his home learning - well done Ross!

Some more successful pitta bread creations here but this time from Enzo! These look great - well done!

Great to see that Harry has been getting creative with rainbows as well as working hard on home learning - keep up the great work!

It sounds like Harry is working hard at home, lovely to see him smiling in the sunshine here!

Here are some great photos of Oscar completing his DT work and making pitta bread! Looks like he had fun and that pile of pitta breads looks yummy! Well done Oscar - great work!

Have a read through Cooper's instructions to make a game of Tic Tac Toe. Wonderfully written instructions complete with an image to demonstrate each step being carried out - great work Cooper. Let us know if you have a go at following these to make your own!

Jess has been keeping busy and helping mum and dad out entertaining her little sister, and it sounds like Toby is loving getting lots of walks!

Daisy has been very busy over the past few weeks! She has been working, baking, making, creating and even practising her karate - great work Daisy. I especially love the DIY carrot/flute!

Some lovely smiling photos of Rohan to share with you all!  Rohan's dog Boston is absolutely loving all the attention he's getting now that he doesn't have to wait for her to get home from school for a cuddle!

So this is something I'll be trying myself! Florence and Francis have started a “naked eggs” experiment. They have submerged eggs in vinegar and are observing what happens to the shell. 

They hope to get a see through (transparent) film around the egg with no shell. Don't forget to ask permission before raiding the cupboards for vinegar and pinching the eggs though guys!

Here are some photos of Bradley and Ruby completing the obstacle course workout that they created! Why not have a go and let us know how you get on? Great to see you both being so creative and active! 

Here are some awesome drawings that Asher has done as well as a science write up from some planting that he has been doing at home. He has also written a wonderful letter to Captain Tom; thanking him for his fantastic fundraising efforts. Sounds like there is some brilliant home schooling going on and hard work all round! 

Here's Harry W and his sister completing their daily workout with Joe! Well done guys - great effort!

...Just realised that putting the W after Harry isn't all that helpful in our year group!Laughing Face Emoji" iPad Case & Skin by t-I-na | Redbubble


So this was bought for me (Miss Wetherill) at Christmas and I've just started it... and I 'm starting to regret it! All the pieces look pretty identical to me - might need to use a few of our Asquith values to get through this one!

Okay so, here's the challenge guys! Can you throw a ball up in the air and do head, shoulders, knees and toes before catching it? I've stolen this idea from Twitter, where Matthew Hoggard (a former English cricketer) posted it. This is definitely not take 1 of my attempts so don't give up if you can't do it straight away. If you can do it, have a go and see how many moves you can do before catching it. Let us know how you get on in the comments on the blog or send your videos into year5teachers@asquithprimary.org

I'm hoping to see some of the teachers having a go at this one too (yes that means you Mr Jones!)

Year 5 Blog

Let's Go Live recommended by Jessica A

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog


Here's a link to Maddie and Greg's YouTube channel. They host their show 'Let's Go Live' weekly where they share adventures and discoveries. Their videos are packed with videos about animals, plants, travel and technology. I've just watched a video all about Mount Everest after Jessica let me know about the channel.

Have a visit and learn something new today :)

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Brownlee Foundation - Paint Al's Wall

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

Due to the current lockdown and all swimming pools being shut, Alistair Brownlee had to find a way to continue swimming.
He decided to move his endless pool into his garage so he could continue training. Click the link above to see more:

Your task it to create an interesting or inspiring picture that could be painted on the wall.

The image will help motivate Alistair when he is getting in and out of the pool or when he is breathing to the side whilst swimming.

Have a go and get creative! when you are finished, you can send a photo of your picture to the email address or send it to us at year5teachers@asquithprimary.org and we'll forward it on as well as uploading it to our webpage :D 

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Maths challenge!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

Hi guys, so these maths challenges have been making the rounds on social media and even your teachers have been having a go - we thought you'd be great at them too! Look for the answers in the comments section tomorrow.

Tip: look carefully at each image, there are some subtle, sneaky differences. 

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Head, shoulders, knees and toes challenge!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

Let us know how you found the challenge. How far did you get? Did you find it tricky? Did anyone else in your family take part? 

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Show us your artwork!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

After being inspired by Mr Jones and Miss Dowd's artwork, I've had a go at drawing Pascal from the Disney movie Tangled. Here's the link to the Youtube video I followed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3dIi7U6Yv8 why not have a go yourself or choose a different character? Let us know how you get on.

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How have you been keeping busy?

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

It's gone past the point of strange now not seeing all your faces everyday! Please comment and let us know what you've been up to and how you've been spending your days. Hope you're all okay and not missing us too much :D

Miss Wetherill and Mr Armstrong

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Autism Awareness Week

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week is Autism Awareness week. Here are links to two videos that are great at explaining how and why people with Autism see the world a little differently sometimes and how your actions can help to celebrate this different view.



Your challenge is to create a poster with the theme of 'It's okay to be different!' (google for some inspiration)

When you've completed it, take a photo and send it to us at year5teachers@asquithprimary.org so that we can share your posters on here!

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Good luck to our choir

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

We are all wishing our KS2 choir good luck in their performance at the Morley Music Festival this tomorrow (Saturday). We will be on stage from 10:00 to 10:15 for anyone wishing to come and cheer us on. Choir includes members of year 3,4,5 and 6 all of whom have been working hard after school, at lunch times and at the end of the school day to perfect the songs they will be performing.

Speechless from Aladdin

The Greatest by Sia

Don't be so hard on yourself by Jess Glynne

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World Book Day potatoes

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

What creative children we have in year 5! The potato book characters were fantastic! From Winnie the Pooh to Captain Underpants, there were some wonderful and wacky ideas - photos of some of these creations will be uploaded onto our class page for you to marvel at and enjoy!

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Sharing our wisdom

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

After our aweome adventure to Robinwood, we are now writing to the future year 5 children will all of our newfound wisdom. We are aiming to put their minds at ease when it comes to worries about sleeping over, completing daring activities and fussy eaters. We know how we felt before embarking on our adventure and we want to make sure the next year group know that they have nothing to worry about.

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Robinwood Residential

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week's Robinwood residential was fantastic! What a wonderful bunch of Year 5s we have! We all had an amazing time, despite the crazy weather, and are due a week off to rest and recoup, ready to write about our adventures when we get back to school.

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Circle time team meetings

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week UKS2 had our first circle time team meeting. We meet in our teams weekly to count up team points and celerate the week's successes. This week we have introduced team circle times to discuss the weekly school ethos in different groups. 

Dartmouth - Miss Shirra

Scatchered - Miss Wetherill

Lewisham - Mr Armstrong

Springfield - Mr Jones

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

In celebration of Chinese New Year, at the weekend, Mrs Seedhouse organised for classes to take part in a Chinese dance workshop this week. We woud have photos but we all got a little too wrapped up in all the fun and forgot... oops.

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A visit from Destination Judo

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

We had a taster session with an external company called 'Destination Judo' where the children had a 30 minute lesson. We had a great time and are keen to know when Balthazar will be back to run some after school sessions in Spring.

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Journey to Jo'burg

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week we started our new class book 'Journey to Jo'burg'. Year 5 have got stuck into learning all about the time of Apartheid in South Africa through the story of two young children on their mission to save their little sister. Our 15 minute class reading time is more silent than ever as we all wait to hear what happens in the next chapter. Class copies are available if you just can't wait and are desperate to read ahead...

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Happy New Year!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This may have been the most excited we've all been to come back to school after the Christmas break! The Snow White pantomime was fantastic! Huge thanks to Mrs Walton and Mrs Ellis for all their organisation - hopefully this can become an Asquith tradition (one that includes Miss Bramley, Mr Jones and Mr Armstrong being pied every time :D).

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Merry Christmas!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

Our Christmas party day this week was a great way to finish for the Christmas break, I don't know who had more fun; the adults or the children! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, celebrating with family and friends.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

What a wonderful week! The children performed brilliantly at the town hall, and more importantly seemed to have great fun doing so. As teachers we are so proud of how hard they have worked on their songs! What a lovely week we've had, finished off with Christmas jumper day today!

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Playground leaders in training!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

Our playground leaders have begun their training this week. Year 5 pupils that always demonstrate our Asquith values have been chosen to take part in training from an external provider to help enhance break and lunch times for themselves and other students in all year groups.

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Odd socks for anti-bullying week

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week we have been discussing the theme for this year's anti-bullying week 'Change starts with us!' We have had a wonderful week of kindness as the children have been writing 'acts of kindness' on our Asquith tree.

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Christmas concert practise is under way!

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week we started listening to the songs that we will be performing in our Christmas concert at Morley Town Hall (10/12). This year's theme is movie soundtracks!

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UKS2 Netball competition

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week we ran the first in-school teams competition, which was netball! Year 5 and 6 students signed up to be part of their netball house team netball squad and played against each other to win 50 team points for their house teams! The winners were Scatcherd! All students who took part showed real Asquith Spirit! 

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Looking for Callum workshop

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week, we were visited by two members of the Theatre in Education Leeds Programme. We watched them perform a short play about a young boy who had some very mature decisions to make. Year 5 listened carefully and gave their opinions maturely and respectfully when taking part in the workshop that took place the same day. More information about this workshop can be found under the safeguarding tab.

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Robinwood Residential

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week was particularly excited because we began to discuss the residential to Robinwood! We don't go until Februrary 2020 but this week we held our parent meeting and started talking in classes about our upcoming adventure!

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Book Bus

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

What a great start to the week! Year 5 loved visiting the Book Bus this week, we are hoping for another visit this year :) 

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NSPCC Workshops

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

This week we were visited by the NSPCC. We learnt the child line number by heart and discussed when and why we would ever use it. Year 5 represented the school brilliantly! 

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Non-uniform for NSPCC

Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

Today we went green for the NSPCC - raising money and awareness for a great service!

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Chloe WETHERILL (wetherillc) on: Year 5 Blog

WOW! We've been back a whole week already! What a great start to the new year!

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Your class teachers are Miss Wetherill and Mr Armstrong.

UKS2 is supported by Miss McDermott, Miss Goodwin and Mrs Mountain.

Here you will find useful information about our classes, as well as photographs sharing what we have been doing in school.


PE Days

PE days are Thursdays and Fridays.

We will be aiming to run the fun run (formerly mile run) wherever possible - it would be great if your child could have suitable footwear available in school each day.



Signed by parents over the weekend and by the class teacher on a Monday each week in class assembly.

Please feel free to use your child's planner as a means of communication if you would like to pass on any messages to their class teacher.



Homework will continue to be given out on a Friday, to be completed by the following Wednesday. If your child is unable to complete this at home they will have the chance to do so in school on Monday and Tuesday break and lunchtimes in homework club.

Homework club will take place in year 5 classrooms.

Moving forward, we will be setting homework on the website Mirodo. If your child is unable to access a computer or tablet at home, they are able to use these in homework club or request paper copies of homework.

Usernames and planners can be found in the back of your child's planner.




Children in Year 5 are expected to spend 1 hour on their homework each week. This will consist of spelling practise and a Maths homework, relating to the work covered in class that week. It is expected that your child reads for at least 10 minutes each night as part of their homework from school. It would be really beneficial if you could encourage your child to do this. Please evidence this in your child's reading record in their planner. They can earn teampoints for their teams if their home reading is recorded.



Children are welcome to take books from the school library, as well as our class library, and read them at home as well as being given opportunities to read in school time. Every child has been given a colour banded book and is expected to have one of these books in their bag or school drawer, in addition to any other books that they are reading.

Bug Club is up and running and login details can be found in children's planners. We sometimes use Bug Club in guided reading sessions, and children will occasionally be set grammar and spelling activities to complete as homework.



Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Wednesday. We are using the Read, Write, Inc. programme where spelling patterns and rules are focused on each day ready to test the following week. These spellings are recorded in planners to ensure that children have the opportunity to practise any they are still unsure of by the end of the week.


Predominantly, we will be practising spellings from the year 5/6 N.C spelling list. The full list of year 3/4 and 5/6 words can be found on the spelling platform of the school website. All children should have access to this, login details can be found in their school planners.


Spring 1

Our Robinwood adventure was AMAZING! 

We are thoroughly exhausted after returning from our three-day residential. We had a brilliant time facing our fears, working as a team and generally having a great time!


Autumn 2

In History we have been studying the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England. As part of our learning we enjoyed a visit to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. Year 5 were excellent ambassadors for  Asquith and had a great day venturing back in time to the city of Jorvik!




Autumn 1

In Science we are looking at Space! We spent the afternoon researching and learning all about the phases of the Moon. We used Oreos to help us understand that the Moon is always spherical and that what we see is the Sun's light reflecting off its surface. The best part was getting to eat our posters once we had successfully made them!

Recommended websites...


English/ Maths/ Science






www.activelearnprimary.co.uk (Bugclub)













Login details can be found in your child's planners.