Key Contacts for Advice and Support

Domestic Abuse

Leeds has a range of agencies to support families experiencing domestic abuse. Please visit the links below for more information: Domestic abuse support on My Support Space

Operation Encompass

As part of our work to support children affected by domestic abuse, we work closely with our local police force. “Operation Encompass” involves police notifying schools when one of their pupils has been present at an incident of domestic abuse where the police have attended. This notification will be done the following morning- ideally before the start of the school day. The purpose of the notification is to provide information to schools so that they can support the pupil the next day in whatever way is appropriate. At our school, this will involve checking in with the child and monitoring their well-being. In addition, we will always follow our normal safeguarding procedures in these cases.

For more information, visit the Operation Encompass website:

Victim Support

If you have been a victim of any crime and need support, please refer to the information below.

Health and Well-being

We think that managing and supporting the well-being of everyone, including adults, is crucial to the success of our school. This underpins our philosophy and our daily practices. We want to support everyone by providing as much guidance as possible and hope that the links below are useful.

Guidance to Share with Children Guide to anxiety Health for Kids website Well-being booklet Key Stage One Well-being booklet Key Stage Two

Guidance for Parents and Carers Young Minds Support for Parents/Carers MIND Support for Parents/Carers NHS Every Mind Matters Headstogether Support for Parents/Carers Samaritans Support for Parents/Carers Questions You Could Ask Your Child


Help Lines/ Support

Childline -   [0800 1111]