British Values

At Asquith Primary School we are proud of our links within British history. Our school is named after Herbert Henry Asquith, born in Morley in 1852 and the Prime Minister from 1908 until 1916. Children learn about Lord Asquith and our local heritage and also consider how we fit into the wider context of Leeds and Britain as a whole. We take part in local civic events and are establishing links with schools in other parts of the country in order to help children develop their understanding of their role in society.

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Promoting British Values at Asquith Primary School



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SMSC at Asquith Primary School


Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect,Tolerance of Those of Different Faiths or Beliefs


Every year we take part in the Remembrance Parade and lay a wreath at the memorial in Scatcherd Park.



The children wrote our 'Asquith Values' based on the Olympic Values


Friendship – We want everyone to get along and to have fun whilst they are at Asquith.

Equality – We think everyone should be given the same opportunity to succeed. Treat everyone fairly.

Respect – We look after everyone and everything. Everyone matters at Asquith Primary. We listen to each other and help when we can.

Determination – We have a ‘can do’ attitude and never give up.

Inspiration – We are good role models for others and try to help each other to succeed. We look around us for ideas that we can use to improve ourselves.