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Asquith Primary School

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The school fully recognises the contribution it can make in protecting children from harm as well as supporting and promoting the welfare of all children who are registered pupils at our school. The key elements of our policy are prevention, protection and support.

We aim:

  • To ensure that children within our school feel safe at all times
  • To ensure that all stakeholders are safe and feel that they are able to put the welfare of the children first without concern that there will be any negative consequences attached to their actions
  • To ensure that all adults who have contact with children in school have been trained to undertake their safeguarding responsibilities effectively

The safeguarding lead in school is :- Mrs Blackburn

Designated staff for Child Protection are:-  Mrs Danizewski, Mrs Johnson, Ms Haley, Mrs Jeavons and Mrs Hill-Pearson

Designated governor for Child Protection is:- Miss Michelle Robinson

The Child Protection Policy can be downloaded here:- Child Protection Policy 2021/22


Year 5 PSHE content

Each year, Year 5 take part in a programme delivered by The Theatre in Education group. The programmes that they deliver, have been designed to address some serious issues which affect children and young people. The play and the workshops have been structured to allow participants to engage with a range of issues on a level according to their own experiences and knowledge, and to explore those issues with their teachers/support workers according to their needs and concerns.


For more information about this year's programme, click the link below.

Looking for Callum


From July 2015 all schools (as well as other organisations) have a duty to safeguard children from radicalisation and extremism. 

This means schools have a responsibility to protect children from extremist and violent views, in the same way we protect them from drugs or gang violence.

Importantly, schools can provide a safe place for pupils to discuss these issues so that they better understand how to protect themselves.

What does this mean in practice?

Different schools will carry out the Prevent duty in different ways, depending on the age of the children and the needs of the community.

Many of the things we already do in school to help children become positive, happy members of society also contribute to the Prevent strategy.

For example;

  • Exploring other cultures and religions and promoting diversity
  • Challenging prejudices and racist comments
  • Developing critical thinking skills and a strong, positive self-identity
  • Promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, as well as British values such as democracy
  • Protecting children from the risk of radicalisation, such as using filters on the internet or vetting visitors who come into school

Staff in school receive PREVENT training as part of our commitment to the safeguarding of pupils.

For more information please download this leaflet for parents.  PREVENT parents' leaflet Oct 2018

The Curriculum page of our website has more information about how we promote 'British Values' in school.