Regular and punctual attendance is extremely important.

Children are rewarded for regular attendance through Class attendance races, individual termly awards and 100% attendance awards at the end of the school year.

Our whole school attendance target is 96%


Why does it matter?

Minutes late per day How many school days/school weeks lost in a year

5 minutes 3 school days

10 minutes 1.4 school weeks

15 minutes 2.6 school weeks

20 minutes 2.8 school weeks

30 minutes 4 school weeks


Requesting a leave of absence

As per the Government guidance since 2013 school cannot authorise holidays during term time. Please fill in the form below to notify school of any absence other than illness. A paper version can be collected from the school office or alternatively it can be emailed to:


If you have any attendance concerns or queries, please phone Mrs Hill-Pearson on 01133075550