Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) At Asquith Primary School


At Asquith Primary School, RSE is taught sensitively and respectfully. We have an open door policy in school for families to contact staff for any advice and support.

We discuss what a healthy relationship is at an age appropriate level throughout school.  We use the One Decision scheme and resources to ensure that there is a consistent approach to our teaching and that children's knoweldge and understanding develops progressively over time.

Regarding sex education, elements of the statutory Science curriculum act as the starting point for what children learn, specifically at Year 5 when children learn about the human life cycle.


Statutory Requirement:

Pupils should be taught to describe the changes as humans develop to old age.


Non-statutory notes and guidance:

Children can become aware of sexual matters from an early age: they receive information (either explicitly or implicitly) from family, peers, the media and the general values and attitudes they encounter in society. This approach can lead to misconceptions. There are many advantages of school-based RSE. It provides a structured programme matched to the ages and development stages of pupils. It can combat ignorance and fear and clarify existing knowledge by providing accurate information. It can provide opportunities to discuss feelings, emotions and attitudes in a safe, non-threatening situation. By providing opportunities to exchange ideas, it can promote tolerance and understanding of others. 

We are fully aware of the moral, legal, cultural and ethnic dimensions of the subject. Equally, we understand the importance of parents’/carers’ views in relation to RSE. Information regarding the structure of sex education lessons, the materials available and the school’s policy is always available for any parent to view.  Before we deliver the RSE sessions to our children, parents are informed and invited to have a discussion with the class teacher about any worries or concerns.

Parents/carers have the choice of withdrawing their children from sex education lessons if considered necessary. However, parents should be aware that we will sometimes discuss issues around relationships (eg same-sex couples, use and misuse of terms such as ‘gay’) as and when appropriate. We believe this is the right and proper thing to do. It is not always possible to withdraw children from such discussions if they arise, and it is not considered appropriate to do so by the Department for Education.  All children will also be part of the Science curriculum where we learn about the human life cycle.

Please refer to the policy section of our website to view the Relationships and Sex Education Policy.


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