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At Asquith Primary School we are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of our curriculum and adapting the way in which we approach learning and teaching so that our curriculum is current and meets the needs of all our pupils.

In the 2020 term, we remodelled our curriculum to ensure that it is broad and engaging, preparing pupils for life in an ever changing and challenging world.

Our curriculum has six branches- six 'intentions' which will span all areas of learning and enable our pupils to 'grow to succeed' It is our mission that every child, everyday will grow to succeed as a result of our Asquith vision, provision and accompanying spirit!


Alongside the introduction of the National Curriculum, we have worked with Liz Greensides from GAL Education, who has produced a development of skills and knowledge content for planning progression through the National Curriculum 2014. This is called 'The Rainbow Continuum', which outlines learning and a progression of learning in Key Stages 1 and 2 across all statutory subjects.

More information about this and a copy to view can be obtained from the school office on request. Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural understanding form the core of our curriculum ethos.

Learning is embedded across all subjects and it is highlighted in our parent friendly plans, posted half termly on the year group pages within the curriculum tab.

Key Curriculum Areas

Remote Learning

During recent years it has become increasingly important to be able to move to adapt to the ever changing needs of the children and society. With this in mind we have incorporated our remote learning platform into our curriculum so our offerings can be as dynamic as possible with minimal disruption to the children.

What our pupils say

'Our teachers make learning fun and try to link things together. We enjoy history and like it when we end the topic with a celebration assembly or themed day'.

'We enjoy maths, we get a lot done!'

'The topic on Morley in Year 2 was really interesting, and learning about Dinosaurs in Year 3. We had to work out where our fossil came from!'

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