Staff at Asquith Primary School


Meet our Team

Working together to provide every child with an inclusive, high quality, enjoyable learning experience where success is celebrated and children feel valued.

Leadership Team


Mrs Southward - Headteacher

Mrs Blackburn - Deputy Headteacher

Early Years


Miss Hickling-

Phase Leader



Mrs Winney/ Miss Twinning - Nursery Class Teacher



Mrs Trolley - Class Teacher (Green Butterlfies)

Mrs Carrigan- Class Teacher (Red Butterflies)

Key Stage One 


Mrs Dring-

Phase Leader

Year One

Mr Joyce - Class Teacher (1J)

Miss Gaunt - Class Teacher (1G)


Year Two

Mrs Dring - Class Teacher (2D)

Miss Hickling - Class Teacher (2H)


Lower Key Stage Two


Mrs Lofts-

Phase Leader 

Year Three

Mrs Barstow - Class Teacher (3B)

Mrs Gledhill - Class Teacher (3W)


Year Four

Mrs Lofts - Class Teacher (4CL)

Miss Lee - Class Teacher (4L)

Upper Key Stage Two


Mrs Harding-

Phase Leader 

Year Five

Miss Goodwin - Class Teacher (5G)

Mr Holt - Class Teacher (5H) 


Year Six

Mrs Harding - Class Teacher (6H)

Mr Aston - Class Teacher (6A)

Inclusion Team

Miss Squires - SENCO

Mrs Hill-Pearson - Pastoral & Welfare Manager

Mrs Jeavons - Learning Mentor

Mrs Johnson - Learning Mentor

Mrs Callaghan- Nurture Support

Mrs Harland- Nurture Support

Lunchtime Assistants

Miss Moody - Supervisor

Mrs Reilly - Supervisor

Mrs Cheetham

Miss Daniel

Mrs Farnell

Miss Hall

Mrs Piggott

Mrs Manzoor

Mrs Templeton

The Office

Miss Boddy - School Business Manager

Mrs Morris-Weston - Senior Administrator

Miss Peace - Senior Administrator

(FERDI Friends) Breakfast and After School Club


Breakfast Club

Miss Haley- Manager

Mrs Jeavons 

Mrs Bagnall 


After School Club

Miss Haley- Manager

Mrs Reilly

Mrs Soraine

Mrs Preston 


Miss Daniel

Miss Dean

Miss Dolby

Miss Farnell




Support Staff

Miss Burke- HLTA

Mrs Gledhill- HLTA

Mrs Bagnall- TA

Mrs Bryan- TA

Miss Burton- TA

Miss Dean- TA

Miss Dolby- TA

Miss Edwards- TA

Miss Gomersall- TA

Mrs Hirst- TA

Miss McDermott- TA

Mrs Mitchell- TA

Miss Sheard- TA

Miss Twitchett- TA

Mrs Tray- TA

Miss Webster- TA

Miss Appleby